cutting laminate flooring with utility knife

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Best tool to cut thick vinyl planks The Floor Pro Community

Best tool to cut thick vinyl planks Discussion in 'Vinyl Laminate Cutters Laminate Flooring Tools . Elmer Fudd, Jan 17, 2013 5. Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member. Every vinyl plank I've set could be scored with a utility knife and snapped like a pretzel. I have an I-20 bullet tool, looking for smaller I-9 lugging that 20 around

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How to Cut Laminate Flooring -

How to Cut Laminate Flooring by HomeAdvisor. This guide will teach you how to cut laminate flooring. There are several steps to protecting your floors and ensuring the final product looks correct. For angles, use a utility knife or a jigsaw. Cutting Lengthwise. When you want to cut the material lengthwise, follow the same steps written

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How to Install Laminate Flooring Better Homes and Gardens

How to Install Laminate Flooring; How to Install Laminate Flooring. Glueless laminate flooring is easy to install and can be walked on the same day. nails, and other debris. Roll out the underlayment. Do not overlap adjoining strips. Use the utility knife to cut pieces as needed. The foam underlayment deadens sound and helps the floor feel

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The Best Way to Cut Laminate Sheets Home Guides SF Gate

4 Blades for Cutting Laminate Flooring Sheets are typically 1/16 inch thick, and are usually installed on a substrate of plywood or medium-density fiberboard with contact cement.

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How to Cut Formica With a Utility Knife Hunker

Formica brand plastic laminate is most commonly used to cover countertops, cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Formica is a leading brand whose name has been synonymous with laminate for decades. Since all plastic laminates are essentially the same, cutting Formica with a utility knife is identical

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How can I cut installed laminate flooring? Yahoo Answers

Laminate flooring was installed a couple months ago and now I need to cut the space for the marble. Rotozip just burns it, reciprocating saw goes all over the place, and knife just barely scratches it.

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Which angle grinder blade to use for cutting Laminate

Do you have any leftover flooring to try the angle grinder on? If you have a heavy duty utility knife, you can cut the laminate with that also. I would take a commercial straight edge, tack glue it in sections, and score away along the material you wish to remove. It might take a while, but you will have a nice straight edge.

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How to Cut Laminate Flooring Tools, Step by Step Guide

As we mention in our guide on how to install laminate flooring, although installing laminate flooring is an achievable option for the handy homeowner, the trimming and cutting of the laminate planks does require some skill and practice.. So in this Home Flooring Pros guide we outline the tools youll need along with step by step instructions on how to cut laminate flooring like a pro.

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Project Guide: Installing Laminate Flooring at The Seven Trust

How to Install Laminate Flooring. Once cut, the flooring will just slip under it, leaving a more finished look. Take a plank of flooring and a section of the underlayment, if needed, and lay it finished side down next to the doors moulding. roll out two rows of the underlayment and trim it to size with a utility knife.

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4 Ways to Cut Laminate - wikiHow

If you want to cut laminate with a utility knife, lay it down flat so the finish is on the bottom. Make your cut with a new blade so the laminate doesnt rip. Edit Related wikiHows

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Blades for Cutting Laminate Flooring Home Guides SF Gate

A regular utility knife blade can be used to cut flexible, self-adhering laminate strip material. The caveat is that you must change the blades frequently so the knife cuts properly -- a dull

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Ideal for cutting laminate. Spyderco Chaparral Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate PlainEdge Folding Knife. by Spyderco. Gayle Bradley folding knife with 3.60" CPM M4 steel plain edge blade. This product is designed to cut laminate flooring, fiber cement siding Fletcher Terry 05-111 Scoremate Plastic Cutter.

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How Do You Cut a Laminate Sheet?

A laminate sheet can be cut with a trim router, circular sabre saw, fine-tooth backsaw or utility knife. When cutting laminate material, it is important to use a thin blade especially made for that material. Laminate is an inexpensive yet durable material for counter tops. While it is easy to

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What Is Best Type Of Knife For Thick Vinyl? - Flooring

Re: What Is Best Type Of Knife For Thick Vinyl? If you mean cutting it down, then a linoleum knife is the only decent thing to use. Anything else is a waste of time.

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Need Help How Do You Cut Laminate??? - AVS Forum Home

I "sandwiched" my laminate between two lengths of my 1x4 poplar frame and clamped it tight at the designated cut-off. I then put a Brand New blade in my utility knife and proceeded to score the back-side of the laminate, using the poplar board as a guide.

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What Tool to Use to Cut Laminate Flooring?

Each laminate flooring tool listed here has a quick description and theres more information on ways to cut laminate flooring under the list: Utility Knife With a utility knife, there is you need to change its blade frequently as they lose edge so that they cut properly.

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